Art & Therapy

Art in therapy – what does it mean when people describe art as something life changing? How does painting or creating help to change the way we feel about ourselves and others, or the world around us? Well it’s about connection:

“There is magic in art, magic in human connection and an even greater magic when the two combine to heal suffering.” Louis J Cozolino 

So what does that mean!?

Art can be something that we engage in as part of our creative expression and it can also be a gateway to exploring our unheard emotions; a tool to help us heal and grow. When we do this in a connected therapeutic relationship, it adds another dimension to the process of exploration and growth. Art helps us to connect, not only to others, but to our imaginative, playful, joyous side that may have become lost in the things that are troubling us.

There is science as well as magic! When we are released to be creative we are building better connections between the two hemispheres of our brains: the left; linear and organised, and the right; creative, imaginative and intuitive. Often the left brain can start to dominate because our busy lives require that, but we need both sides of the brain working together. When we are babies it is the right side of the brain that helps us to attune to our main caregiver and learn how to regulate our emotions. Rediscovering the power of the right brain, through creating art, not only helps us to find emotional balance, but also reawakens our imagination and the ability to break free from the place we have become stuck in.

I work creatively using anything that helps you to tell your story, explore meaning, and imagine a better way of being. This kind of process can be powerful for self discovery and healing.

If this is something that interests you either as an artist wanting to grow your own creativity, or as someone looking for therapy with a creative dimension, please contact me for a conversation.

Below are some examples of creative therapeutic work.

Gestural painting in aqua, red and black
Abstract expression painting
Abstract expression painting
Gestural painting in aqua, red and black
Rorschach ink blot
Playful marks in coloured inks
Collage thoughts and feelings
Abstract Geometric paintings

To explore more about about the right brain watch this TED talk: ‘My Stroke of Insight’ by Jill Bolte Taylor