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Services for Schools

I can offer a range of services for schools to support good practice in maintaining staff wellbeing, including Headteacher support, and training in how to manage staff stress.

‘According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, teaching staff and education professionals report the highest rates of work-related stress, depression and anxiety in Britain’
Ofsted 2019

This is no surprise to anyone who has worked in education.

In this report Ofsted reiterated that ‘staff well-being forms part of the leadership and management judgement in the EIF.’

During my 15 years working in education, I experienced first-hand, the unique and wonderful environment that a school can offer, but also how the growing demands of the education system have brought school staff to breaking point. How well a school and its pupils are doing, directly depends on having a well-motivated, resilient group of professionals, who are invested in their leadership, their colleagues and in their own development, as well as in pupil progress. For people to flourish, just as for children, the school’s culture is important and it’s often the little things that can make a difference.

‘All I wanted was to know that I was valued – that’s not about my pay scale. I knew my headteacher was under immense strain and I didn’t want to add to his workload, I just wanted to hear him say that he appreciated me. I felt invisible.’

My experience is that most Headteachers want to look after their staff but are facing incredible pressure on their budget and resources. In a recent audit of staff wellbeing in a school, I found that, whilst wellbeing was on the Head’s ‘to do’ list, it was a struggle to make any progress in the face of other competing demands on her time. I was able to provide an overview of staff wellbeing, highlight what was actually working, and recommend actions to move the school forward in caring for their staff. Some recommendations did have a cost implication but there’s plenty that can be achieved without a drain on the budget.

Included in a Wellbeing Audit package:

Staff Wellbeing Survey

Staff meeting presentation

Headteacher initial meeting and debrief

Report to Governors

Staff Wellbeing Policy


I can also provide one to one counselling/support sessions for individual staff either as part of a package or purchased individually.

Packages can be tailor made according to the needs of your school and staff, please contact me for a discussion and information on prices.

Support for Headteachers/School Leaders

Headteachers, regardless of the size of the school, face incredible pressures, and are the least likely to pay attention to their own wellbeing or mental health. Burnout is a very real risk and, with the shift in responsibilities, in the last decade, from the local authority to Governors and Academy Boards, the old support systems (such as they were), have become fragmented.

I am able to offer support for school leaders – a basic annual package includes:

3 one-hour face to face counselling sessions – one per term

A monthly check in phone call or email

Phone support service

More counselling hours can be purchased as required. I am also able to offer whole staff workshops, and CPD for school leaders in how to effectively manage staff stress – please contact me for more information.